L’espace des autres

I took a path. You found yourself on my way. Maybe you dug your steps there in another time, but I still see you…

[2005, performance-installation for eigth spectators]

Both installation and show, L’espace des autres (The space of others) is a project on trajectory, digital decomposition and permutation embodied in the moving body. Four 60-second journeys drawn in space were interpreted by 30 performers and filmed by four synchronized cameras to form a common body-space.

These videos were used as raw material for research on movement based on the decomposition of paths into segments (3600 segments of two seconds). This research was carried out using software that automatically cuts and video edits small segments into 60-second recompositions where each performer appears only once.

Of these reassembled trajectories, a dozen have been retained and serve as a basis for the choreography. Live, these chosen trajectories are broadcast in a shed on eight small screens. Simultaneously and in the same space, a living body copies the projected movement, sometimes transgresses it, always questions it.


In installation mode, the software is left to itself and systematically explores all the possible permutations of all the segments in 60-second journeys. The work is not infinite; its total duration would be 504 666 780 464 594 860 419 156 164 years.


A Line Nault project created in close collaboration with:
Alexandre Burton – digital instrument
Bernard Rouleau – site layout and structure
Corine Lemieux – calligraphic objects

L’espace des autres was made possible through financial support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Partners: Artificiel, Studio 303, Mois Multi, Recto-Verso, Soup Soup, Boréale, Eric L.


Vingt-deuxième entretiens du Centre Jacques Cartier (Lyon) – november 30 2009

Mois Multi (Québec) – february 15 to 19 2006

Série Inter Studio 303 (Montreal) – june 8 to 20 2005 and october 10 to 23 2005

L'espace des autres - Excerpt

Press release available here.

“The space of others is a wonderful meditation on the unions between past, present and future beings. Far from making it a heavy and affected reflection, Nault turns it into a game, a surprising mise en abîme delivered with heart and honesty. Well done!”

LA PRESSE MONTRÉAL, Stéphanie Brody, 2005.