Gyrokinesis is a physical training method founded by Juliu Horvath. This method aims to develop flexibility, tone and vital energy through work applied to the joints, muscles and fascia. The basis of Gyrokinesis is a series of precise wave movements (circle, spiral, curve, arch) promoting a harmonization of the different systems of the body. These fluid and tension-free movements are combined with breathing patterns to achieve remarkable bio-mechanical and energetic efficiency.

Gyrokinesis is for everyone and is practiced in small groups. The sessions last an hour and a half and take place at a continuous pace, in seated, floor and standing stations. It is a more aerobic activity than yoga or tai-chi (techniques which can be similar to Gyrokinesis), but it does not involve any cardio effort.

For more information, you can take a look at the official website of the GYROKINESIS® headquarters. However, know that I apply this method by incorporating my twenty-five years of experience in somatic education!

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