Line has been practicing Gyrokinesis and Gyrotonic assiduously since 2008. She completed her apprenticeship with Dana Gingras and obtained her “pre-trainer” certification at the headquarters in 2010. She then became a teacher specializing in these two approaches and began to give intensive workshops as well as pre-training classes for future teachers.

Her exploration of the moving body began thirty years ago, when she was hired at the age of fifteen by a contemporary dance company for children. For seven years, she received daily training focused on somatic approaches to the body: Bartenieff, Body Mind Centering, Contact Improvisation, Gymnastique Douce, etc.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in dance and a postgraduate degree specialized in somatic education at UQAM. She has also been a massage therapy practitioner since 1999. In her younger years, she taught body alignment for martial arts. She also gives somatic education and digital creation workshops (body and technology). Line Nault is active in the arts as a performer, choreographer and creator of artistic projects.

Her approach focuses on how to expand creativity and self-knowledge through somatic education approaches. She wishes to bring the practitioner to make links between what surrounds him/her and what his/her body conceals as fields of knowledge.

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