A narrative which, like a rock, contains a story in its matter. In the silence of words and the landscape.


A creation by Line Nault
Audrey Bergeron, Line Nault and Jessica Serli – performance
Jonathan Parant – sound, performance and technical assistance
Alexandre Burton – digital instrument and video device
Elen Ewing – fabric stock
Simon Guilbault – scenography and light device
Alex Larrègle – technical direction
Philémon Crête – reference-island video
Fanny A. Villeneuve – documentation


Récits-Récifs has received financial support from the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec.

The image and sound processing software were produced as part of a residency at Artificiel studio and digital lutherie laboratory.

Residencies: Artificiel, Recto-Verso and Agora de la danse



Mois Multi – February 1, 2 and 3 2024

Agora de la danse – december 4 to 7 2024

[2023, installation-performance]

In Récits-Récifs, Line Nault uses the body and technology to create landscapes with words from her research on the non-self and the non-place.

A series of 30 short poems is transposed into “moving landscapes” in real time by a modular media device which captures and retransmits the content according to different temporal, spatial and graphic alterities. Video and audio effects transform body action into “matter-moments” that accumulate to create an island where the topographical future, present and past coexist.

The performers draw from a vast collection of discarded costumes and fabrics to construct these moments which evoke living things in their natural, biological and cultural dimensions. The story then becomes a reef – a story to which, once invested by the body, only remains a mass of memories that have become sediment.