La pensée n’est pas linéaire. Elle rebondit d’une chose à l’autre, elle tisse des liens, cultive les associations, les déductions. Ma pensée choisit pour moi de nouer des choses entre elles, de tramer du sens. Elle s’organise par nœuds, se découpe le long d’axes fragmentés.

[2012, show, 60 min.] [2012, installation/performance, variable] [2012, digital version, 45 min.]

A woman, accompanied by a musician, explores the phenomenon of love. The musician expresses himself with a device that formally combines the somatic, the mediatic, and the digital. The woman wears a corset that measures her breathing in every state of her being—in other words, her lover’s breath. This biometric data is represented by an abstract virtual entity, a third character that links and transforms text, music, and video live on stage. For the Attachée project, Line Nault looked back on thirty years of intimate writings on love, retaining but a scattered sampling of feelings and thoughts.

Attachée - Usine C


Lecture, souffle et lutherie numérique
Phénoména, 23 october 2012
Casa del populo, Montréal

OFFTA, 26 and 27 may 2012
Usine C, Montréal

Mois Multi, 1 and 2 february 2012
Méduse, salle Multi,Québec

Présentation en résidences-
Aux Écuries, 21 january 2012


A project by Line Nault created in close collaboration with Alexandre Burton and Alexandre St-onge

Installation/performance version

Line Nault : direction and performance
Alexandre St-Onge : musique and performance
Alexandre Burton : digital lutherie, images and real time interactions
Olivier Choinière : coaching/playing
Stéphane Gladyszewski : scenic objects
Linda Brunelle : costume
Régis Guyonnet : lights
Samuel St-Aubin : électronic and telemetry
Anne Rémillard : corset fabrication
Eric Forget:Voice recording
P-O Fréchet-Martin : technical Assistant
Guillaume Arsenault: technical direction
Ève Marchand : coordination

research and development :
Residencies : Aux Écuries (Montréal), Recto-Verso (Québec, Méduse)
Support :CALQ (multi) CAC (interarts)

Acknowledgment: Émile Morin for the invitation to produce at Recto Verso. Guy Cools for the text reading, Jimmy Lakatos for the technical equipment, Glen Silver for the sensor ideation, the Mois Multi team, Jasmine Catudal and the OFFTA tean.

A production Recto Verso

Attachée -teaser