Thinking is not linear. It bounces from one thing to another, it forges links, cultivates associations, deductions. My thought chooses for me to tie things together, to weave meaning. It is organized in nodes, cut along fragmented axes.

[2012, show] + [2012, installation-performance] + [2012, digital version]

Attachée (Attached) is a project of the heart, head and pelvis.

A woman accompanied by a musician describes the phenomenon of loving. A phenomenon that is expressed through a device where the somatic, the media and the digital are formally attached. The woman wears a corset which measures her respiratory movements; loving breath. This biometric data is represented by third character, an abstract virtual entity, who connects and transforms text, music and video live on stage.

To create this project, Line Nault revisited thirty years of writing (diaries, letters and scribbles) whose subject is love. She crossed out the names, places and anecdotes to keep only a few samples of sensations and reflections. The voids thus created give way to gesture, image and sound. The rest is not said, not written; it exists in the meanders of the meeting between the spectator and the loving woman.


A Line Nault project created in close collaboration with:
Alexandre St-Onge – music and performance
Alexandre Burton – digital instrument and visual interaction
Olivier Choinière – mentoring
Stéphane Gladyszewski – scenic objects
Linda Brunelle – costumes
Régis Guyonnet – lights
Samuel St-Aubin – electronics and telemetry
Anne Rémillard – corset
Éric Forget – voice recording
Pierre-Olivier Fréchet Martin – technical assistance
Guillaume Arsenault – technical director
Ève Marchand – coordination

Attachée was made possible through financial support of the Canada Council for the Arts and the Conseil des arts et lettres du Québec.

A Recto-Verso production.

Research and development: Artificiel

Residencies: Aux Écuries and Recto-Verso

Acknowledgments: Émile Morin (invitation to produce a work at Recto-Verso), Guy Cools (text readings), Jimmy Lakatos (technical materials), Glen Silver (ideation of the sensor), Mois Multi team, Jasmine Catudal and OFFTA team OFFTA.



Phenomena (Montreal) – october 23 2012

OFFTA (Montreal) – may 26 & 27 2012

Multi Month (Québec) – february 1 & 2 2012

Aux Écuries (Montreal) – january 21 2012 (work in progress)

Teaser Attachée

Attachée - Usine C