Boules is an interactive performance featuring spherically-shaped digital instruments manipulated by performers who create and modulate sounds through the movement of their bodies. The whole work is composed in real-time.


Jimmy Lakatos and Julien Roy – original idea & conception (installation version)
Julien Roy and Line Nault – design and direction (performance version)
Julien Roy – sound
Jessica Serli and Audrey Bergeron – performance
Alexandre Burton – digital instrument system

An Artificiel studio production. 

This project received financial support from the CALQ for the research and creation of the installative component.


Festival International d’art vidéo de Casablanca, 16 et 17 avril 2020 (reporté/COVID-19).

Nourritures Terrestres (St-Jérome) – june 16th 2019

Vendredi Bouilli (Montreal) – november 16th 2018

OFF CINARS (Montreal) – november 17th 2018

[2018, special projects]

Boules is an interactive performance-installation featuring digital instruments in the form of heavy wooden balls that performers-dancers handle. Thanks to a sound synthesis system that reacts to the direction and speed of movement of the balls, the work is written in real time from the movement of the bodies and their interactions with the instruments.

Boules operates in a versatile minimal scenic context that can be set up quickly. This last characteristic, coupled with material lightness, facilitates the transport of the work and allows it to adapt to a multitude of presentation contexts. Therefore, Boules mainly takes the form of a performance, but could also become a performative workshop or an installation where the public experiences the device.

Boules could give rise to interventions in public places, non-conventional or informal dissemination spaces and even in guerrilla mode. This versatility would allow us to make the work travel abundantly, in Quebec and abroad.

Exploration performative du dispositif Boules