[2007, residency and  choreographic research presentation]

Line Nault was invited to participate as a choreographer to the Clash/slash project for the second and third editions.

The Clash project stems from this need to support creation, within the younger generation in particular. A pilot project, it attempts to provide a structure for people to come together to discuss current practices and to reflect on new creative approaches. It will involve elemental research, as well as risk-taking. What I have in mind is a creative process that questions today’s world, that tries to see the world in a different way.

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Edition #2 : 15- 27 january 2007; presentation 26-27 janvier: Tangente (co-producteur), 840 Cherrier est.

Edition #3: 21 may au 3 june 2007; presentation 2-3 juin: Tangente (co-producteur), 840 Cherrier est.

Clash/Slash Mind map